The Lope is not Canter.

The Cowboy Dressage Lope Footfalls Visualized

The Lope is not Canter.
The jog is a 2 beat gait. Separating the Right diagonal pair (right front, left hind) results in the Right lead lope, the horse pushes himself with the Left hind and lands on the Right front, his leading leg.
So, separating the right diagonal pair gives you the right lead. The lope rhythm has 3 beats, meaning 3 steps per stride. The horse is shifting his balance from back to front almost resembling a rocking horse. On a right lead, the horse’s weight is on his back (left hind-1st beat). Then landing together on his Left diagonal pair, which is the right hind and left front (2nd beat), then shifting his weight to the front onto the right leading leg (3rd beat).
There is no moment of suspension in the lope because the Left hind leg (1st beat) enters into the weight bearing phase before the leading Right leg (3rd beat) has completely left the ground.
In the Canter there is a moment of suspension (air time) between the 3rd and 1st beat.
The Palomino horse (fig 1) is Joging on his Right Diagonal.
The Palomino horse (fig 2) is in a moment of suspension.

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