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Eitan also has 6 videos on the market: Cowboy Dressage, Building the Foundation and Cowboy Dressage, Dances With Cows and Cowboy Dressage, Poetry in Motion I,  Cowboy Dressage Poetry in Motion II, Cowboy Dressage Understanding the Gaits and Cowboy Dressage Understanding the Court. Cowboy Dressage Straightness. His videos have been featured on Horsetv and RFD-TV.

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Eitan has released a new training manual, Cowboy Dressage, Understanding Horsemanship from the Inside Out.

In 2015 Eitan and Trafalgar Square Publishing released a new book, Cowboy Dressage, Riding, Training and Competing with Kindness as the Goal and Guiding Principle. This book has been a number one seller for Trafalgar Square Publishing and a very high rating on Amazon.com. Eitan and Trafalgar Square Publishing published another highly rated book Dressage the Cowboy Way.

Feature articles on Eitan and Training Articles by Eitan have been published in the following, to name just a few.:

  • American Cowboy
  • Horse and Rider
  • Western Times
  • Equus, Ride
  • Equestrian Connection
  • Hastfynd
  • The Morgan Horse
  • The Morgan Connection
  • The Pacific Saddlebred
  • Saddlebred Journal
  • Trail Rider
  • The Waddie
  • USA Equestrian
  • Cowboys and Indians Magazine
  • Western Horseman
  • Yankee Peddler
  • Dressage Today

Here is what others have to say about Eitan….

Eitan is an “Artist” This serves him in the saddle, but it also helps him create instructive videos and diagram that put complicated ideas into simple language.. Eitan has one more tremendous asset—- his sense of humor!
Jack Brainard Legendary Horseman and NRHA Hall of Fame

Eitan, you have a way about you that does inspire, and I always go away with the encouragement that I *can* accomplish things, that I *can* get better as a rider. I feel I can dream bigger.  Thank you.  Julie Williams

Eitan is a wealth of knowledge and sage advice.  I learned so many things that, not only improved my ridding, but helped me rediscover some of that youthful confidence that was in such abundance in my earlier years.  Thank you so much, Eitan  ~ Susan Carlino

Just wanted to send a note thanking you for a wonderful week at your stables.   The clinic was an incredible experience.  Eitan is a fantastic instructor  — just incredible amount of knowledge and top-of-class horsemanship.  He clearly has a unique way of training and handling of (young) horses.  It was as if he could communicate with the horses directly  — almost telepathically.  The overall philosophy and approach he takes with the horses was equally incredible.  I’ve never experienced anything like it.  It was a real eye opener what outstanding levels of achievement can be done with expertly trained horses — whole new levels of experience I could never have imagined.    The experience has greatly influenced the way we manage our own horses.  By applying your lessons, we’ve quickly been able to bring our horses up to a new standard.  Our friends already notice the improvement when riding our horses.  That being said, we took enough ideas home to keep us busy with a full year of practice and further learning. Cannot wait to see the impact of further application of the lessons we learned at your stables applied to ours. If we can get just 50% of the impact you’ve had on your horse, we’ll be the envy of Holland. Your horses were amazing (comparable to driving a Rolls Royce), really impressive.   ~ Mandy & Murray Ford of the Netherlands

Eitan is the mentor that I have long searched for that can blend both classical riding wisdom and the flexibly and ingenuity of the American Cowboy.  His desire to continue to learn and grow paired with his unique approach to soft feel has become the guiding principles in my journey to elevated horsemanship.  I may never attain his level of artistry but he gives me the encouragement to continue to dream and grow and achieve.
Jenni Grimmitt DVM Idaho

Eitan is a brilliant horseman, teacher and rider. I´m very fortunate to have met him, get to know him and be able to ride and study with him in several clinics and presentations in Europe and the United States. His dedication to the horse, his boundless knowledge about horsemanship, his ability as a teacher to coach any level of rider and solve any problem with kindness and partnership in addition of his excellence as a rider inspires me and helps me on my journey to become a better horsewoman, rider, teacher and clinician.

As founder of Cowboy Dressage he offers the horse world a concept of kindness, partnership and harmony with the horse that also applies to all aspects in life. Eitan is the mastermind behind the Cowboy Dressage Court, especially the geometry of the Challenge Court and the exercises that help riders and horses to get a better understanding of the aids and body language, of developing balance and lightness. Not to forget about the awesome illustrations which he creates to visualize the exercises and how the rider´s body influences the horse´s movements.

Because of Eitan´s dedication and commitment there are more and more riders out there who actually enjoy their equine partners and just have fun with their horses.

Thank you Eitan, for your inspiration and example on the art of fine horsemanship.
Barbara Wagner, Cowboy Dressage Clinician, Germany

In my opinion Eitan Beth Halachmy is one of the greatest Horseman alive! Yes indeed that he is, but there are other great horseman out there……

Eitan Beth Halachmy is a extraordinary Horseman! Yes again- but WHAT makes him extraordinary and special?…….

A Horseman & Trainer & Teacher & Leader with tremendous skills and Moral Quality, A (Show)man, who demonstrates what’s possible, a role model as a horseman, why?  Because his actions inspire so many others to dream more, learn more, become more!

He is unlocking people’s and horses potential (and heart) to become the best version of themselves.

He is a Horseman who acts with:

– Mind (Knowledge & experience- the What & Why),
– Heart (connecting Head and Heart, Motivation, Emotion, Relationships)
– Body (transferring the message from head & heart into action) and he is a perfect example of how to walk the talk.

Bina Sigl, Austria


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