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Horses have been my passion and my art all my life. They have taught me not just a great deal about horsemanship but about life.They showed me that there is a moral code between all living things.

I often think where is that young rider who could ride all day and still couldn’t get enough of “the horse.” In those younger “fast” years I thought I knew everything.

Now I am a bit more worn, a bit slower but a whole lot wiser. “Wet blankets” are as good for the rider as well as the horse. I had to grow to find that there was so much to learn.

It is my desire to leave as much of “me” behind for others. I want them to learn from my lifetime of experience and knowledge.

What I share with you here is a “torch” for you to carry forward. It is my hope that it enriches and inspires you.

Enjoy the ride…

Eitan “8”

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