The Magic Behind The Cowboy Dressage Challenge Court

Cowboy Dressage Challenge Tests are designed using maneuvers and poles to maximize the western horse’s strength, balance, softness and responsiveness so that it may perform at its highest athletic potential. Cowboy Dressage Challenge Tests also help the western horse to develop into a sound and willing partner for many years of competition or pleasure.

While others train their horses in order to ride tests. Cowboy Dressage tests, through their unique construction of movements and poles, train and exercise our horses.When riding the Cowboy Dressage Court on the Short Side, Long Side or any size Circles, the rider’s out side leg will be over the travel line.

When riding the Cowboy Dressage Court on the Center Line, Quarter Line or the Diagonal line, the line of travel will be between the horse’s front and hide legs.

The Cowboy Dressage Challenge Court its the GPS for the novice rider to find the circles, diagonals, and quarter lines and offers actual tests with gymnastic exercises as part of the test.

The ground poles are real, the maneuvers effective and the rest are your training exercises. Ground poles teach a horse to pick up its feet, and lengthening and shortening the stride.

Go for the real thing – it is the only way to really progress.

— with Gayle E Forster.