Whisper on the Wind

551530_712174088892897_6724759234941914010_nBefore Jackie Robinson ever donned a Dodger uniform – there was Tom Bass. Before Rosa Parks ever demanded a seat in the front of the bus – there was Tom Bass .Before Martin Luther King ever had a dream – there was Tom Bass. Before Barack Obama ever ran for President – there was the legend of Tom Bass – the black horse whisperer. Born a slave, the friend of Presidents, the most famous Black American horseman this country has ever known, today his story is consigned to oblivion. Yet, once his name was a household word synonymous with equestrian feats of unparalleled beauty and achievement. But he didn’t start out famous. He started out in chains.

Read his story at : http://horseconnection.com/whisper-on-the-wind-the-tom-bass-story-december-2008/